Marriage Proposal

Marriage Proposal Photography and Videography in Thailand

We have been documenting weddings for 10 years. On the biggest day of your life we capture every magical moment. But many people often forget that the proposal itself , marriage proposal sometimes just as special as the wedding day. But wedding proposals professionally captured on video is something that we don’t see too much of, which is why we offer special wedding proposal photography and videography packages.

Things to Consider Before the Proposal (Will you marry me?)

  • Location Private vs. Public Proposal. Public proposal ideas tend to be easier to come up with. We’ve one of our couple who were proposed at a football game or a romantic rooftop restaurant or in market. Once you’ve decided what type of proposal you want, then it’s time to select the location. If public proposal you’ll need to select a venue and reserve the space for guests who will be there with you.If you’ve private moment, you’ll still want to scout out the location so you can decide how everything should be set up. Even a romantic evening at home takes some planning make a romantic meal and plan some simple make the space feel a little more special.
  • Photographer or Videographer! Having a photographer or videographer on hand is a great way to document this important you choose to hire professional photographers.
  • The Engagement Ring ! Part of planning the perfect proposal is selecting the perfect ring.
  • Create the Perfect Wedding Proposal Speech 

If you want to have a traditional proposal, bend down on one knee, show her a ring, and ask “Willou marry me?”

So you can check our marriage proposal video here

if we are a good match and we can create a marriage proposal video that will help you relive this breathtaking lifetime memory of your life.

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